Sunset Walks

$50.00 AUD / Sold Out

Call it cliché, but there’s nothing quite as calming as a walk along the beach as the sun goes down. Based off sunset walks taken on the Sunshine Coast during that magical time when the sky fades into pastel colours and the moon begins to rise.


This is the original painting and the only one of its kind.

9cm (3.5") diameter, premium acrylic paint on wood
Signed and dated on the reverse and finished with a thin coat of clear varnish

* Please note! * This painting does not come with a hook as I personally prefer them sitting flat against a wall using some kind of adhesive (such as blu-tac, etc.) HOWEVER if you would prefer it to have a small picture hook on the back then leave a message in the notes at the time of purchase and I will attach one for you at no extra cost.

The painting is also suitable to be framed.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to send me a message!