Peachy Skies

$50.00 AUD / Sold Out

A tiny sunset painting capturing the sky and ocean awash in a magical peachy glow.

For me, this piece—much like all of my paintings of the sea—is an attempt at creating a small moment of calm. Hopefully it evokes a sense of peace for you, too.


This is the original painting and the only one of its kind.

9cm (3.5") diameter, premium acrylic paint on wood and finished with a clear gloss varnish
Signed and dated on the reverse

* Please note! * This painting does not come with a hook as I personally prefer them sitting flat against a wall using some kind of adhesive (such as blu-tac, etc.) however if you would prefer it to have a small picture hook on the back then leave a message in the notes at the time of purchase and I will attach one for you at no extra cost.

The painting is also suitable to be framed.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to send me a message!